Kisara’s life
Kisara Araki, 26 years old, blood type AB
My hobby is LEGO and my dream is to make Rouha(@rouha_1996) famous.
My favorite type is Emma Watson.
My life is quite eventful.
For complicated reasons, I left home as soon as I graduated from junior high school
and cut all ties with my relatives.
My job is car related.
I was impressed by watching the movie ‘The fast and the furious’ and aimed to be a
My clothing brand Rouha(@rouha_1996) is one of the places where I express
I spend my daily life casually, but I make illustrations of things and thoughts that I
feel in it.
My current state of mind is stable when I’m passionate about work or something, but
when I have free time, I feel a little disturbed.


Question for Kisara
What are your strengths?—My strengths is that I try to challenge everything and I try
my best to master it.
What are your weaknesses?—My weakness is my short temper.
Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.ーMy goal is to make my brand
Rouha(@rouha_1996) clothes famous.
What does work mean to you?ーFor me, work is an existence that shows the value
of my existence.
When do you fall in love with a woman?ーI feel attractive when there is something I
can respect as a person.
What do you like about your current partner?ーShe has a lot of things that I don’t
have, and she cares about me unconditionally.
What are you obsessed with right now?ーI am obsessed with LEGO blocks.
Are you jealous of your partner?ーOf course there is.
Is there a difference between liking a man and liking a woman?ーNothing in
particular. At that time, the person I was attracted to just happened to be a woman,
or a man.
What are you afraid of?ーI’m afraid when I lose my existence, when I’m no longer
needed by anyone.
What is the question if love is the answer?ーHappy but sometimes painful.
How did you confess to your current partner?ーIt feels like we are spending more
time together.
What should your ideal relationship look like?ーA relationship in which the two of us
feel that we want to see each other when we are happy, sad, painful, or lonely, and a
relationship that enhances each other.

Photography: Michiro Ando