THE EYEBROW by Angélik Iffennecker

The eyebrow is a key facial element, which reveals a person’s

character. It is a significant aesthetic component of the face,

and can also be a subtle and powerful tool of seduction.

A balanced eyebrow amplifies the eyes and optimises all

the features of a face. It is a subtle detail, often disregarded

but that can change everything: It can enhance a face,

revealing the inner beauty and personality of a person.


  • why did you start a beauty company just about eyebrows?
  • It was missing in our makeup case ! Many makeup artists were using a mix of products to get the right color for eyebrows, only one American brand was offering a large palette specifically for brows at that time. So I had this idea to launch the first collection dedicated for eyebrows with 11 shades with French natural pigments. I created the colours on men to get the most natural result. Make-up on men is only right if you can’t see it. Once we achived that I knew it would give the desired look for women.


  • what is your favorite color?


  • Black if we consider it as a colour


  • your mother worked in haute couture, how did she influence you?


  • I used to live in a room with a mountain of fabrics, leather, glitter and I was practicing
  • dance, so my entire childhood gave me the taste of disguise and transformation.


  • is make-up still important today?


  • Beauty, art, paint, rituals, appearances, and with that make-up has been always been important to people from the beginning of our being. And with that, yes, it is still important today.


  • what do you think about plastic surgery?


  • It can be very interesting as long as it is just touches, as long as it doesn’t show. But I will always say that no cream, no plastic surgery could make an unhappy or mean woman beautiful. Beauty always rises from theinside.



  • do you plan to launch other products than for eyebrows?
  • I would love to and I have many ideas, 2 other collections are in my mind…to be continued


  • more businesswoman or make-up artist?


  • Makeup artist for sure


  • what inspires you?


  • Beauty in everything, women, photography, dance, music, love


  • who is your beauty icon and why?


  • Christy Turlington, she’s full of beauty, spirit, body and mind. Yasmeen Warsame could have been her twin and Prince is my definition of beauty in all – larger than life.


  • have french women a special relationship to beauty and fashion? And if so, why?


  • We are supposed to be the city of elegance and chic, where the best designers started out but i think we have good challengers in Belgium and London ….




Make-Up: Angelik Iffennecker with products from lesourcil.com #lesourcil

Photograph: Clément PJ Schneider #clementpjschneider

Model:Renée B@Model Management #renee.bg